We are vegan for the animals primarily. So helping animals directly and not only indirectly by promoting vegan fashion and cosmetics has been at the core of PASSION ANIMAL from the start. Thus, we donate 5% of all of our sales to animal welfare organisations. Also we have a "solidarity corner" in our store where we offer products from animal sanctuaries and shelters with all the proceeds going directly to them.

Right now we cooperate with:

Asociació d'amor als animals "Maria Adam"

This animal shelter in Begues is a paradise especially for cats and catlovers. The isolated location of the shelter in a masia permits to let the cats roam free and enjoy an adventurous life on and around the land of the masia. It's quite a sight to arrive and walk towards the shelter and to be greeted by uncountable numbers of cats after a few visits :-)

Right now, Asociació d'amor als animals "Maria Adam" is the shelter that receives 5% of all our sales as a donation. We also have their tote bag in our solidarity corner.

Fundación El HogarEl Hogar Animal Sanctuary

El Hogar Animal Sanctuary is a paradise for all kinds of animals, but we admire especially what they do for animals that usually live in hell: farm animals. It's inspiring to follow the progress and the fighting spirit of these animals that are coming from factory farms often in terrible shape. We wish all the best to River and all other animals with a similar destiny at El Hogar and we are happy to have the items from El Hogar in our solidarity corner.

Fundacion Trifolium / CanopolisFundación Trifolium / Canopolis

Last but not least we are very happy to cooperate with Fundación Trifolium, the foundation behind another paradise for animals called "Canopolis". The special thing about Canopolis is that the animals live in semi-liberty, and are alimented with a natural diet. Also taking care of their health goes far beyond the "normal" convential veterinary procedures. Alternative therapies like acupuncture, Bach flowers therapy, Reiki and others are used to their benefit. Makes you want to be an animal there, right? ;-)

Another special thing about Canopolis is that it is the home of Ziggy's mum :-). Unfortunately, when we found her with her six puppies she was so wild and frightened that in more than 2 months I could not make her trust me enough to put on a harness. So the best solution was to bring her to Canopolis.

It is definitely worth visiting them, to learn, to help, to support them with a donation or to adopt one of their wonderful animals.