Are all of your products vegan?

All the products in the sections SHOES, BAGS, FASHION and BEAUTY in our store are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Mostly, they do have a certificate like PeTA vegan or they are made by small workshops / artisan brands and we know and trust the artisan.

With regards to the books the reality nowadays unfortunately is that for hardcovers glue with animal grease is generally used. In bookbinding for paperbacks the glues used are usually water-based.

What about the production process and the environment?

We think that if you really love animals, you also need to protect their environment. Thus, we also take into account the production process and mostly offer products that use natural materials and are organic to minimize the negative impact on the environment that any product has.

Also we care about human animals and prefer fair trade products and brands that care about their workers and suppliers' workers or artisan products where the owner is the worker :-).

For packaging we do not use any plastic or synthetic materials.


Where are you shipping to and what are the shipping charges?

Shipping charges within Spain, to Portugal and Andorra are:

  • 5,95€ for orders below 40€
  • free for orders of 40€ or more

Shipping charges to Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Slowakia, Slovenia, Netherlands, Hungary, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Ireland and Romania are:

  • 9,95€ for orders below 70€
  • free for orders of 70€ or more

If you would like to order something from another country, please contact us.

What are the terms on returns?

Unused items purchased in our store can be returned within 30 days. You only pay the shipping charges applicable for the return.